Year 5 First Day It's more challenging and a
lot more interesting
here at
Waverley Junior School

From Year 5 Students

What we do:

We have our own class teacher while in the Junior School. They teach us most lessons most days.

I think it's a really good idea because at my last school we didn't do as much as we do here. We share out all the lessons. We like changing classrooms and teachers for other lessons. It's really great - you get to meet a lot more teachers. I went with my Mum and Dad to look at other schools. We made the right decision.

It's more challenging and a lot more interesting here at Waverley Junior School. It makes you think harder. I like the idea of NO girls your own age - you don't have to "show off" to the girls. It's better here - there's a lot of variety. The teachers are stricter but that's good. I like doing what I'm supposed to do. "If I did what I did at my old school, I'd be gone!" I'm not silly here. We like the teachers - they follow through on what they say. It's good, I'm happy. Waverley Junior School has a good tuckshop and I like being with all the boys. It's like high school. We like Waverley Junior School because the teachers treat us like we are 10/11 year olds, not babies. We like Waverley Junior because the teacher says something and remembers it the next day and we like that they knew our names so quickly. They're good.

What we like best:

  • Queen's Park (our playing fields) - lots and lots of beautiful grass, great things to do there.
  • We love going to sport.
  • The exciting things in the classroom.
  • We even like the work.
  • The teachers are fair.
  • The uniform - we like the uniform. We look good and feel good. We are happy wearing it. We've cleaned our shoes heaps more than ever before and that's good.
  • The classrooms are big and most classes have a sea breeze.
  • It's really big - and you should see the High School!
  • The specialist teachers know EVERYTHING about their subject.
  • The specialist rooms.
  • All the equipment - computers and more computers.
  • You should see and hear the bands.
  • All the things you can do:

    Cross country running
    You even get to go on Camps.

  • We feel grown up and responsible and we like that.
  • The homework is challenging; there's a lot more but it's teaching us to get organised.
  • We like feeling like we have a job to do ON TIME.
  • We like it because the teachers check up on us and our homework.

What we found hard:

  • More work/tests (but we like that now).
  • Rules (but now we know them it's fine).
  • Doing up ties (still a little difficult). Shirts are still out at times.
  • Waking up earlier.

Overall we found:

We think this school is a good school because the teachers are fair and kind. The school has good facilities. We are learning heaps more and we like the challenge.