Co-curricular Activities (Cultural and Sporting)

All boys are expected to contribute in a significant and relevant manner to the life of the College in its fullest sense. This benefits the whole Waverley Junior School community - staff, students and families - in enriching relationships and building character, teamwork, skills, fitness and dedication.

Commitment to any sport or activity involves full participation in training sessions, rehearsals, games, carnivals and performances. It is also necessitated by our membership of the sporting association IPSHA. If a student is gifted in any sport or activity he is expected to share and develop that talent within and for the College. For example, if a student sings well he sings for Waverley College.

The Junior School choir performs is all year round, whilst the music / drama production Wakakirri takes place in Term 3.

Sport (Day B)

Every Day B the Junior School has Sport in Periods 5 and 6. The boys wear their school sports uniform to and from school on this day. The afternoon involves all boys in various activities and provides them with the opportunity to participate in sporting areas they perhaps have not tried. Appropriate equipment and clothing is needed on these days.

Equipment requirements include a swimming costume and towel for the swimming season, and shin pads, mouthguards and boots for the winter Soccer and Rugby season. As it is not possible to participate in these activities without the correct equipment for safety reasons, please ensure your son has the correct sporting requirements for Day B.

  • Summer sports uniform: Blue shorts, white sports socks, predominantly white sports shoes, school cap, tracksuit and colour team shirt.
  • Winter sports uniform: Blue shorts, blue sports socks, predominantly white sports shoes, school cap, tracksuit and jersey.
  • P.E. Uniform: Blue shorts, white sports socks, predominantly white  sports shoes, school cap, tracksuit and striped PE polo top.

The boys are allocated a Colour team early in the year. Our Colour teams are named after past Headmasters of the College.

Team Colour   Team Colour
Aungier Red Lacey Maroon  
Brennan Royal blue   O'Connor Black  
Conlon Emerald green   Quinn Sky blue  
Green Bottle green   Tevlin Gold  

Outline for Day B activities (Day B is always noted in the diary)

Term Activities
Term 1

Swimming activities - preparation for school carnival Winter Sport Trials (Soccer & Rugby Colour Competition)

Term 2 Soccer and Rugby Colour Competition
Term 3 Colour Comp Blitz Day / Athletics - preparation for school carnival / Cross-country
Term 4 Rotational activities including:
(Yr 5) Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Indoor Bowls, T'Ball, AFT, Netball
(Yr 6) Flag Football, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Lawn Bowls, Soft Lacrosse, Hockey, Softball

School Camps in 2009

The Junior School boys participate in 3-day camps each year. In November the Year 5 boys will be visiting Vision Valley, whilst in May the Year 6 boys will journey to Canberra. These camps are an essential part of our Christian living and education programme.

Music and Performing Arts

Private music lessons are available during class hours and there are opportunities to join the College bands, the Junior Choir / Cantores and perform in the annual musical drama Wakakirri.