Year 11 @ Waverley

Year 11 students at Waverley College construct their pattern of study using the following guidelines:

  • Students must select either 13 or 14 units of study.
  • A course in Religion is compulsory for students at Waverley College.
  • A minimum of two (2) units must be in English.
  • At least four subjects must be studied at HSC level.
  • A maximum of two (2) 1U subjects can be selected.
  • Content Endorsed Courses (CEC) do not count towards a Univeristy Admissions Index (UAI).
  • The UAI will be calculated using no more then two (2) units of Category B Board Developed Courses.
11 Prelim HSC 2015 exam timetable
2015 Prelimary HSSC Exam Timetable
2015 HSC Assessment Information
HSC 2014/2015 Assessment Grids
2015 Preliminary Assessment Handbook
2015 Preliminary HSC Assessment by Subject
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Illness Misadventure Form
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Religious Programs (Compulsory):

English (Compulsory):


Creative Arts:

Human Society and its Environment:



Personal Development, Health and Physical Education:


*Cannot be studied with any other Science Course


Vocational Education (VET):