Homework Centre

The homework centre runs from Monday to Thursday from 3.30pm-4.45pm in the Senior Library.

The learning space provided for the Homework Club is a bright and light environment with a range of learning spaces on offer - from single desks to group work areas. The setting provides a conducive atmosphere for boys to ponder, reflect and complete homework and assignments.

During homework club a great range of information resources, IT facilities and learning software are available:

  • Current release fiction, magazines and newspapers are all available for leisure reading along with curriculum information books for all assignments.
  • Software available includes:
    • Spelling software, Rationale thinking skills software, interactive lesson database, digital videos, online homework support material from Curriculum Corporation
    • Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher
    • Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver web making software
    • A range of subject specific software is also available
  • Photocopying, colour printing, scanning, iPod, video players and digital cameras are all available for students during Homework Club.

Boys from Years 5-12 can use the facilities and time to complete homework, research assignments or seek assistance with their studies and time management.

Miss Seamons, learning support teacher, Mr Roberts, teacher-librarian and Miss Falkinder, highly experienced librarian, are always available to supervise and to assist the boys.

The homework centre also provides an ideal opportunity to liaise with the boys teachers if they are experiencing difficulties in a particular area.