Aungier House

Aungier is represented by the colour Red and is named after Br M A Aungier who brought a religious depth to the school during his time of service on the staff from 1904-14. During this time Br M A Aungier founded the Sodality of Our Lady as well as conducting the first May Day Procession which will have its centenary in 2010 keeping the beliefs of the College and Br M A Aungier alive in the College today.

The colour red symbolises Energy, Strength and Passion, All of these traits were exhibited by Br M A Aungier and are qualities that members of the Aungier community should strive for during their time at Waverley. The gold star at the top of the crest represents the connection between the House and Waverley College and represents that we are part of the College community.

The Blue 'Y' also represents the relationship that Aungier has with the Waverley community as the blue and gold are the Waverley colours. The gold colour symbolises generosity to those in need, in the spirit of our Edmund Rice Heritage.

The Anchor represents hope and religious steadfastness. This relates to Br M A Aunger, with his passion for his faith and for his contribution of the May Day Procession to the life of the College.

The symbol of the Eagle represents strength, bravery, alertness, all key elements for the Waverley community to strive towards in their studies and co-curricular activities. The Eagle also holds a relationship to the motto with its roman heritage. The Motto Veni Vidi Vici translates to "I came, I saw, I conquered". The Motto was composed by Julius Caesar in 47 BC describing his victories over his adversaries.

The motto reminds us of the competition between the opposing Houses. The eagle represents the might of Caesar which was used in the Roman Empire. This is a strong symbol for Aungier and hopefully evokes a sense of community.