Green House

Br W V Green was on the College staff for two periods, 1916-28 and 1952-53. He was Headmaster from 1933-1938. Great progress was made during his time, the roll call reached over 600 students, Queens Park playing fields were secured, 'The Grange' in Carrington Road was purchased and the Boarding School was opened. He also bought the residence in Birrell Street where the Brothers' residence and Administration building now stands.

The house motto, E pluribus unum - 'out of many, one' or more simply 'strength in unity' was originally written in the Moretum, a poem by Virgil, one of Rome's most famous poets. Virgil was also the first name of Brother Green. The idea of 'strength in unity' is not only espoused through the Green House community, but through the greater Waverley College community and friends. In unity of a group there is great power and force to meet a single focus and objective. The community of Green House uses these qualities to live up to the values set by Waverley College. For obvious reasons the colour 'bottle green' was associated with Brother Virgil Green. The colour brings to mind emotions of hope for all, joy in life and most importantly loyalty to each other and the College. The second prominent colour is the gold star, which indicates a connection to the blue and gold colours of Waverley College. The gold suggests generosity to those in need of elevation of the mind, body and spirit, virtues shared in abundance by not only the Green House community but also the greater Waverley College community.

In heraldic terms the armoured arm, signifies a person with the rare qualities of leadership and guidance of others. This image is combined with the representation of the unicorn, a mythical beast which denotes extreme courage in the face of adverse situations, the cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance and the strength to guide and lead the College in a noble fashion. Finally the star represents a person of noble excellence and suggests religious connections to the Catholic faith and to the Australia identity represented in the Southern Cross. Most importantly it is linked to the Waverley star, denoted on all the House Crests. The star suggests not only unity in the Green House, but unity of all Houses under the banner of Waverley College.

The motto's meaning is recognized throughout the heraldic crest. Firstly the colours green and gold, which is attributed to the qualities such as loyalty and generosity. Without loyalty and generosity to each other and the College there would be no strength in the unity of a group. The Arm and Unicorn are both strong images of leadership and courage which are integral to the bonds that give strength to a unified group.