Quinn House

The Quinn House crest incorporates many different themes that have been moulded together to typify Quinn house. In preparing the crest and motto the house members were asked to include the House's heritage, aspects of Waverley College, and also what we believed signified Quinn House's spirit.

Our use of colouring has incorporated many of these ideas. Firstly the light blue is the house's colour, and gold is one of Waverley's colours. Black is a symbol of power which we believed fitting considering Brother Quinn, whom our house was named after was the first Headmaster of Waverley College.

The main feature of the crest is the Celtic Lion, symbolizing Brother Quinn's Irish Heritage. It also conveys values of loyalty, dignity, power and leadership. These are qualities which are inherent within members of the Quinn House.

The gold star is how we have incorporated Waverley College into our crest as it is part of the Waverley College Crest. Finally the cross which is known as a Cross Crosslet Fitchee is a symbol of the Holy Trinity of the Catholic Church which our school is founded on and also the notion of comradeship which is essential to the well being of our House.

Our House motto was chosen last year and translates to 'He conquers twice, who conquers himself in victory'. This was chosen as a way of spurring on our House members as we feel as it is extremely inspirational. The message it conveys is that once one has conquered himself they will be able to get twice as much out of life. It seems an appropriate motto for our House whose members are always striving to do good in all activities we participate in.