How to get to Waverley College

State Rail: Eastern Suburbs line to Bondi Junction. Click here for the City Rail Timetable >

State Transit: School special buses from Bondi Junction, North Bondi, Edgecliff, Dover Heights, Randwick, Botany, Watsons Bay, Rose Bay, Mascot, Matraville and Maroubra. Click here for the Sydney Buses Timetable >

Public Transport Behaviour Policy

Students must:

  • Behave safely at all times.
  • Line up in order when waiting for buses.
  • Board and leave the bus or train in an orderly manner.
  • Do not carry bags on your back when entering and exiting the bus or train.
  • Show your transport pass to the driver, ticket inspector or ticket collector where required.
  • Have the ticket ready to dip into the automatic ticket checking machines on buses and railway stations.
  • Accept that the driver or train guard is in charge and obey his or her instructions.
  • If directed by the driver or train guard, occupy a particular seat. Sit properly on a seat.
  • Respect bus and train property and the property of others by not damaging it.
  • Place bags under the seat, near your feet or in the storage areas provided.
  • Do not put bags on the seats as this stops other people from using the seats.
  • Treat other travellers and bus and railway employees with respect.
  • Show constraint, keep the noise level down and do not move around the bus or train while it is in motion.
  • Keep all parts of your body within the train or bus.
  • Stand on the footpath away from the kerb while waiting for the bus or behind the yellow line while waiting for a train. Do not obstruct others who are using the footpath.
  • Do not: throw any objects inside the bus; eat or drink while on the bus without the permission of the driver; obstruct the aisle, door or emergency exits; alter, deface a bus pass; give, lend or transfer your bus pass to another student; stand or put your feet on the seats.
  • Boys who do not comply with this "Code of Behaviour" may have their bus pass cancelled.